We offer the following price points and services

Edge to Edge or Point to Point

Starting at .02 per square inch for larger open designs, and up to .03 per square inch for denser designs, requiring more thread and time to stitch out. How to calculate cost: Length x Width=Square Inches.  Square inches x price per square inch = cost     Example:   50 inches wide X 50 inches long  quilt = 2500 square inches.  .02 cents x 2500 sq inches = $50.00.   .03 cents x 2500 sq inches = 75.00.    Prices fall any where in that range depending on pattern chosen.

Custom  quilting

Not available at this time.


$5 – $6 depending on size of quilt, and this price includes a new needle, every quilt deserves one !   If quilt pattern is dense, more than one needle may be needed as well as more than 1 bobbin.

Trimming service

$10 per quilt, making your quilt ready for you to bind

Binding service

Prepared binding you supply, your quilt will be trimmed and machine sewn to both front and back of quilt, $25-$35, depending on size of quilt.  We can also sew binding to front of quilt and trim $20,  so you can  finish as you wish on  back.  An additional fee will be applied if you supply material for binding and we have to prepare $5.00


Not available at this time for purchase.  If you need your backing seamed, fee is $5.00 per seam.


At this time we carry Quilter Dreams  80/20 a cotton/ poly blend, mid loft, 93 inches wide, .27 cents per linear inch, and Quilters Dream Wool,   a blend of  Merino and domestic wool,  light yet lofty,  90 inches wide,  .39 cents per linear inch.